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Well written with a juiciness you’ll want to devour, delivering powerful life lessons. Farhana will take you on a journey to discover the complex emotions that one experiences during a break up. Jennifer McLean, Host of Healing with the Masters

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What do you mean I want out? “It was Valentine’s Day and I just found out that my husband of 10 years had purchased a gift for another woman. All day I was numb. Surreally, I drifted through my day with heaviness in my heart.

I hung onto denial like it was my last friend in the world. I couldn’t bear the thought of my world disintegrating. It just couldn’t be. He wouldn’t do that. There had to be an explanation.

With a strange kind of calm that only complete shock can produce, I asked him about it when he came home from work. His convincing denials and innocent-looking face almost had me believing him. For a flash, I thought I had manufactured this in my head. If I did not have tangible, physical proof in my hands to the contrary, I would have believed him.

The look of innocence on his face was familiar. I was shocked at how believable he appeared and I wondered how many times in the past I had fallen for his lies. Clearly, I had just not wanted to see the truth.”

This is a journey of contradictions… and somewhere in the contradictions, lies the truth. This is a raw truth book about taking 100% responsibility. As long as I was blaming him, I would not be free. I would remain victim unless I took responsibility for what I had co-created.

I resisted at first, but my children were watching me. I had been teaching them about being truthful and choosing who we wanted to be in any situation. Now it was time to walk my talk.

Now, before I go all Pollyanna on you, let me tell you that there was (and still is) road rash along the way to our ‘loving separation’. The truth is, the ending of my marriage was simply the experience instrumental in waking me up to living a more amazing life. I believe that all crisis or major change comes as a call for us to transform ourselves into the Magnificence that we are.

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Thank You For Leaving Me

Divorce is Not Your Fault

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Harrison Klein


About 2 years ago my world intersected with Harrison Klein and things have been on mega-expansion ever since then. He is a Visionary, a Spiritual Transformationalist and probably the most transformative speaker you will ever hear.  Harrison accesses the wisdom of this world and other worlds in a way that often has me contemplating and understanding things in a whole new way. He is a gift in my life. And one that I am so happy to share with you.

Chris Cade

Getting Things Changed Mini Program

For years I followed Chris Cade’s writing… I loved the way he expressed so authentically in a way that I know few people to ever do.  Then, the opportunity came for us to connect. Actually, I had sent him a copy of my first edition with thanks for his commitment to self reflection and truth expression and we formed a fast friendship. What I was delighted (but not surprised) to find out is that there is total alignment of who he is and who he projects himself to be.


Heart Center Opening Meditation MP3

Christie Marie Sheldon coming into my life was confirmation that the Universe loves me. This fresh, delightful woman is the single most powerful Intuitive and Healer I have ever met. She connects to the Heart of the Matter of why we are stuck creating the repeating patterns that stop us from having the life we deserve and desire. The meditation here will help you to create profound change so you never have to repeat self-destructive patterns again.


Peace, Serenity and Calm MP3

Ann Taylor is an audience favorite but it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to meet her and actually do her work that I realized the profoundness in her work. I can’t say it is coincidence that so many barriers in my life have been lifted from the simple prayers and blessings that she gives. One can dismiss that something so easy can create such incredible shifts. I use to be one of those. Not any more


MP3 “Free Yourself and Finally Forgive” with Randy Gage 

While the accolades list for Shawne Duperon is a mile long (6 time Emmy Award Winner, Media Personality having interviewed presidents and celebrities) what hits my heart in a way that runs deep is Shawne’s commitment to freedom through forgiveness. She had things in her own life that she wanted freedom from… and forgiveness became the key. This has in fact, become her mission… to share the power of forgiveness.


Two Brilliant Woman Webinar Videos

Wanna know what Karen’s mission is in life? It is that every woman know her Brilliance. That every woman know that her life, as it is, is already perfect form for celebration. You are already resilient. You are already powerful. And you are already Brilliant. She invites you into her community where there is no requirement for you to be celebrated, You already are.


Mend the Heart Chakra and Ho’Opnonopono Meditations

I am so delighted to introduce to you one of my favorite people… talented for sure (her credentials include MA, CHt, International Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and creater of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™), but who she is as a human being has been a gift in my life. Her depth, her offering and deep desire to serve and heal is in all that she does. Evidence of that are these meditations she created just for you.


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